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Leigh Kemp BSc

UK-based Paintographer -
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Welcome to my artwork, galleries and shop. Pixels.com ships worldwide and has 14 fulfillment centers in 5 countries. I work in a variety of techniques and styles including landscapes, riverscapes. abstract, surreal, painterly, neo-impressionism, black and white and selective-colour.

Built in the fifties, original and unrestored with some parts still in working order :) and living in London UK. I am a self-taught photographer and digital artist. My late mother was very artistic and my father's very musical so it's perhaps no surprise that my interest has always been in the arts and music.

I think that creating a piece of art is like experimental cooking, add a pinch of this, a dash of that, until one is satisfied with the result. I am a "one man band", apart from my artwork I design and manage all my own marketing and promotional materials for my website, my blogs and my social media pages,

If you see one of my works that you are interested in that isn't shown here please contact me and I can arrange to upload it. Please contact me if you have an enquiry about my work and I am always delighted to discuss a commission.

If you plan to purchase 25 or more prints at the same time, please contact Pixels.com by filling out this enquiry form to enquire about a bulk discount. In order to provide you with a quote, they will need to know exactly what you intend to purchase. Please provide links to all of the artwork pages and include detailed information about the print sizes, frames, mats, etc.

Please also check out my Special Promotions Page for details of my current limited time stretched canvas print promotions. I am also very active on Social Media, you can find me on the sites shown below, please stop by, say hello and share with your friends.

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"I can't paint!" hardback book and ebook
Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
32 Pages featuring 35 works excluding cover artwork
Also available as an e-book.
Also available on Apple iTunes Store
Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9781389614729

"Photo Art" hardback book
Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
22 Pages
Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 9781389673771

I hope that you find my work appealing and of interest. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.

You can also follow my work and view my online galleries, blog and more on my other website:


Two nights in Brussels 5 - Eglise Sainte-Catherine by Leigh Kemp


When in Rome 41 - Colourful Cabs by Leigh Kemp


When in Rome 37 - Piazza Spagna from the Spanish Steps by Leigh Kemp


Two nights in Brussels 14 - Eglise sainte Catherine by Leigh Kemp


When in Rome 23 - Time Piece by Leigh Kemp


Once Upon A Time In A Dream by Leigh Kemp


River of Gold by Leigh Kemp


Paper Rose by Leigh Kemp


Simply Floral by Leigh Kemp


Round the bend by Leigh Kemp


River Wey, Guildford by Leigh Kemp


Timeless by Leigh Kemp


Dapdune Wharf on the River Wey at Guildford. by Leigh Kemp


A beautiful day on the Wey by Leigh Kemp


Dapdune Wharf by Leigh Kemp


Underneath the bridge by Leigh Kemp


Return to Richmond by Leigh Kemp


Troubled Waters by Leigh Kemp


Pretty Saturated by Leigh Kemp


Heron Today Gone Tomorrow by Leigh Kemp


Bright Water by Leigh Kemp


Cyling through a surreal landscape by Leigh Kemp


Chewing the Cud by Leigh Kemp


A dramatic change of perspective by Leigh Kemp


One two TREE by Leigh Kemp


Coloured Glass Bowl by Leigh Kemp


Down by the riverside by Leigh Kemp


Cadillac Corner Redux by Leigh Kemp


Good Light by Leigh Kemp


The Fishermen by Leigh Kemp


The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew by Leigh Kemp


Under Pressure by Leigh Kemp


Life On the Rocks by Leigh Kemp


St. Lucia's Street, Valletta by Leigh Kemp


Street Scene Mellieha Malta by Leigh Kemp


The tree in the corner of the courtyard by Leigh Kemp


Millionaire's Playground by Leigh Kemp


Blue Harbour by Leigh Kemp


Silhouettes on the shore by Leigh Kemp


Littlehampton by Leigh Kemp


City Bar, Mosta, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Street scene Valletta Malta by Leigh Kemp


Marsaxlokk by Leigh Kemp


Courtyard, Mellieha, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Kiosk cafe, Valletta, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Mosta Church by Leigh Kemp


The singing girls, M'dina, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Xemxija, Malta by Leigh Kemp