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Leigh Kemp BSc

UK-based Paintographer -
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Welcome to my artwork, galleries and shop. Pixels.com ships worldwide and has 14 fulfillment centers in 5 countries. I work in a variety of techniques and styles including landscapes, riverscapes. abstract, surreal, painterly, neo-impressionism, black and white and selective-colour.

For me there are only a few things that are of prime importance in a camera and lenses. They have to be small, light, well built, reliable and take well exposed and sharp images. The thing that I most enjoy about photography is finding subjects/locations and imagining how they might look when I’ve had a chance to work with my images. So there’s a sort of feedback loop already going on in my head when I’m looking around and taking pictures.

What the camera sees is one thing what my mind’s eye sees is another thing entirely. What I’m always searching for in a scene are aspects such as perspective, textures, compositional elements and lighting etc. and well beyond that how I can work with these when I’ve downloaded my images which brings me on to processing (hate the term), for me, by far the most important and exciting part.

A while back I stumbled across the perfect description for my type of work “Paintography” some years after I stumbled into it completely unaware that there was such a thing. I guess this is where the photographer in me stops and my artistic side takes full-rein if indeed one can separate one from the other. Put simply, this is the point where I have complete artistic freedom to explore and mix different techniques and open the lid on a Pandora’s box of artistic possibilities, such a large box that even after some years I’m very much still discovering and experimenting with new things.

If you see one of my works that you are interested in that isn't shown here please contact me and I can arrange to upload it. Please contact me if you have an enquiry about my work and I am always delighted to discuss a commission.

If you plan to purchase 25 or more prints at the same time, please contact Pixels.com by filling out this enquiry form to enquire about a bulk discount. In order to provide you with a quote, they will need to know exactly what you intend to purchase. Please provide links to all of the artwork pages and include detailed information about the print sizes, frames, mats, etc.

Please also check out my Special Promotions Page for details of my current limited time stretched canvas print promotions. I am also very active on Social Media, you can find me on the sites shown below, please stop by, say hello and share with your friends.

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"I can't paint!" hardback book and ebook
Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
32 Pages featuring 35 works excluding cover artwork
Also available as an e-book.
Also available on Apple iTunes Store
Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9781389614729

"Photo Art" hardback book
Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm
22 Pages
Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 9781389673771

I hope that you find my work appealing and of interest. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.


The Fishermen by Leigh Kemp


The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew by Leigh Kemp


Under Pressure by Leigh Kemp


Life On the Rocks by Leigh Kemp


St. Lucia's Street, Valletta by Leigh Kemp


Street Scene Mellieha Malta by Leigh Kemp


The tree in the corner of the courtyard by Leigh Kemp


Millionaire's Playground by Leigh Kemp


Blue Harbour by Leigh Kemp


Silhouettes on the shore by Leigh Kemp


Littlehampton by Leigh Kemp


City Bar, Mosta, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Street scene Valletta Malta by Leigh Kemp


Marsaxlokk by Leigh Kemp


Courtyard, Mellieha, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Kiosk cafe, Valletta, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Mosta Church by Leigh Kemp


The singing girls, M'dina, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Xemxija, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Fisherman, Marsaxlokk, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Horse and Coach, M'dina, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Marsaxlokk, Malta by Leigh Kemp


Valletta Landscape viewed Silema by Leigh Kemp


The lock of love by Leigh Kemp


L-Imgarr - Gozo Landscape by Leigh Kemp


Breakwater by Leigh Kemp


The colours of Spring by Leigh Kemp


Bikes by Leigh Kemp


Sunset 7700W by Leigh Kemp


Thatched Cottage by Leigh Kemp


Structured Anarchy by Leigh Kemp


Groundhog Day by Leigh Kemp


The White Hart by Leigh Kemp


In the rough by Leigh Kemp


Ahh Bistro by Leigh Kemp


Down town up river by Leigh Kemp


De la Warr Pavillion by Leigh Kemp


Market Square Monday by Leigh Kemp


Hmm Time Warp It Is by Leigh Kemp


Kitsch Kats by Leigh Kemp


Gustav on the river by Leigh Kemp


Another year, another boat by Leigh Kemp


High Tea Tai Chi by Leigh Kemp


Al Fresco Dine by Leigh Kemp


Another picture for a dentist waiting room by Leigh Kemp


One for my baby and one more for the road by Leigh Kemp


Eye Tech by Leigh Kemp


Muted Guitars by Leigh Kemp